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          當以讀書通世事 / 19-英語 / 共抗疫情:英語作文(適合高一、高二、高...



          2020-02-11  當以讀書...





          1. 表達謝意; 2. 個人感受; 3. 表達信心。


          1.詞數100左右; 2.可以適當增加細節,以使行文連貫; 3.開頭語和結束語已為你寫好。

          參考詞匯:流行病epidemic 疫情 epidemic situation 新型冠狀病毒 novel corona virus


          教育工作區背景概念。鉛筆, 文具, 書, 鬧鐘和其他學校用品查出的白色背景。寬照片


          Dear Medical workers,

          I am Li Hua from an international school in Fuzhou. On behalf of my school, I would like to express sincere gratitude to you all for your devotion and sacrifice in the battle against the novel corona virus.

          In this epidemic, it is you who, regardless of the shortage of equipment and the potential of infection, desperately rescue those infected but struggling for life. It is also you who have shed new light on the virus with expertise to build up our confidence to defeat it. It is you who deserve all admiration and love!

          Such few words can't fully convey our thankfulness for your irreplaceable contribution. I believe with our joint efforts China will win the battle and make a quick recovery.

          Good luck and stay well!

          Yours sincerely,

          Li Hua






          Write a short passage about how to avoid coronavirus, using proper attributive clauses.




          To avoid being infected with the virus, we have to warn ourselves to stay away from the crowds, especially those travelers who have come from Hubei province, where the outbreak was detected. More importantly, some routine preventative actions should be taken such as wearing masks and frequent hand-washing, which are so highly important that we can’t afford to ignore. Plus, it is necessary to maintain air circulation and alcohol cleaning in places where we live and work. Among other things, during the critical period when we are in difficulties, we mustn’t go out as much as we can because some victims have been reported, whom we should avoid. To sum up, these dos and don’ts have become the guidance that is accessible to everyone. So let’s take good care of ourselves, which means caring about others as well.


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